EU Exchange

bit4you is very proud to be the first crypto exchange operating from Belgium at European level. At bit4you, we work continuously to comply with all existing regulations and strive to be in line with all anti-money laundering and terrorism financing processes. We are convinced that creating a safe environment for our customers is the key to the future of our business.

bit4you operates from Brussels (Belgium). The first activities launched on 29 August 2018 were not subject to a licence by the regulators under the current Belgian and European legislation.

The effective management of bit4you is ensured by Benoît Seys (CEO) and Emmanuel Vlodaver (CFO). The chairmanship of the Board of Directors has been entrusted to Bernard Lemercier.

bit4you SA
Avenue Louise 489
1000 Brussels
BTW/TVA/VAT BE0691.780.343

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