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What are crypto assets?

Crypto assets (also known as cryptocurrencies) are assets using the blockchain technology to pay for goods or services.

What is the blockchain?

The blockchain technology can be compared to an open database which can be consulted and verified by anyone at any moment.

Why is this so secure?

Blockchain technologies are cryptographically secured and cannot alter past events. Everyone knows the full dataset and can assert that no changes are made.

How can I get started?

Once you registered an account on bit4you, you can start using your demo account. If you want to buy real assets, you will need to verify your account on the settings page.

Are there any risks?

Crypto-assets are extremely volatile and are not regulated. You can lose everything very quickly, that is why we recommend our users to first read a lot about the technology before getting started with it.

Why would I choose bit4you?

bit4you offers a demo environment where you can test everything without risking your funds. For your real purchases and exchanges, we have selected the best payment partners and for your protection, we are subject to Belgian and European laws.

Where is this technology used?

Blockchain technologies are implemented in many sectors such as logistics, finances, IOT, ... It impacts every existing sector and becomes a commonly used technology.

Why is this technology used?

It offers the company's customers in a secure environment, the confidence and transparency required by commercial transactions.

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